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James is having a pretty regular day. They're planetside, on a lovely little world called Hedenex. He's taking an exploratory stroll, dressed in one of his three-pieces suits, walking through the complex cityscape they're visiting, enjoying the unfamiliar sky.

He's spent most of the day running around with Andrew, seeing sights, meeting people, testing the cuisine, and letting the dogs stretch their legs a bit too. But Andrew and the dogs only have so much energy, so James has left them to get some rest. James doesn't really need to worry about those things, so he's been getting some exploring done on his own. It's a very welcoming area.

He's just about to head back to ship, when he stumbles. This in itself is unusual, given how surefooted he normally is. But it only gets weirder from there. His systems go haywire, his vision and most of his senses cut out completely. There's a moment of panic, but he doesn't have long to dwell on it before he wakes up in an entirely different place. That is, places.


James, or rather the Ambrose part of him, comes to on a streetcorner on the Upper West Side, near Harlem. He's breathing, which is most unconventional. When did he start breathing? Up until a moment (or however long it's been) ago, he was completely robotic.

It's not the first time he's been put in a flesh body, however, so he manages to adjust fairly quickly, getting slowly to his feet. He doesn't much care for the cold, though. Perhaps this is just another Time Scoop, but it's usually less unpleasant.

But no... Because there's something missing. Great chunks of his mind are gone, and he feels strangely empty. Oh, not his memories. Those are still there. Not as organised and reliable now he's got a biological body, but there. His two imported personalities. The Doctor and the Master. They're gone. Yet somehow he can still sense them. As if they're here, but not part of him anymore. He's not sure what this means.

It doesn't occur to him how strange he must look, standing here in the cold, looking confused and lost.


Across town, the Doctor wakes up. He's in a café in the East Village, down on 10th street - though he himself doesn't know much more than that it's a café, and that he's currently slumped against the wall in a booth.

He goes through much the same thought process as Ambrose. They have the same memories of course, more or less the same mental capacities; the only difference is how they react to it. And the Doctor is worried. Deeply worried. If he's split free, that means the Master is probably also wandering around somewhere. He can feel that much. A presence in his mind, but far too distant and vague for him to pinpoint it.

First of all, where is he? His surroundings aren't much help. Back in his old body, he could've smelled it. He's not sure how reliable this new nose is, but he hasn't the memories to recall which place smells like what anymore in any case. It definitely doesn't look much like Hedenex, though.

He prods the shoulder of a random patron. "Pardon me, but could you tell me where I am?"


Meanwhile, approximately right between the two others, in the back of a dark McDonalds on 42nd street, right off Times Square, the Master version of James wakes up.

He, unlike the two others, is not quite so worried, once he's realised what's happened. In fact, he's rather delighted. His personality is often kept quite buried, at least compared to the other two. He's not so keen on finding them, though he feels that they're here somewhere, now he's finally got a body of his own.

He grins to himself, and pushes out the backdoor of the restaurant, out onto 41st street. It's not particularly crowded, but there are a few walking around. "You, human, where am I?" he asks one of them.
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How to reach player?
PM: this account
AIM: krharbek
email: krharbek at

[Out Of Character]
Backtagging with this character: Sure.
Threadhopping with this character: Ask first, please.
Fourthwalling: Sure.
Canon puncture: Sure.
Offensive subjects: Go for it.

[In Character]
Sexual/romantic orientation: Probably demisexual. He is also just discovering the concept of arousal and sex drives.
Hugging this character: Very welcome.
Flirting with this character: Go for it.
Giving this character a kiss: His boyfriend will probably have something to say about it.
Something more intimate: See above.
Relationships: See above.
Dub-con/non-con/sexual assault: Could be very interesting, if played right. Should be noted he doesn't have quite the same protectiveness towards his body and intimacy as most people, though.
Fighting with this character: Totally.
Injuring this character: Oh yes. Talk it over with me if it's serious, and don't maim him, but otherwise yes, love it.
Killing this character: As long as it's not permanent.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: It will be extremely confusing, as his mind is not organised like most, but ask and I can suggest what they'll find.
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The Player
Name/nickname: Krissy
Age: 25
Pronouns: female
Contact: krharbek [at], krharbek on AIM
Experience: Been RPing for about a decade, helped run a few comms. Mostly one-on-one roleplay with occasionally ridiculously long replies.
Currently played characters: Topher Brink, Lucy Saxon

The Character
DW account: [personal profile] fragmentation
Name: James Wood
Alias: The Doctor, The Master, Ambrose Forester, John Smith
Age/Birthdate: Bit over two years old or so - it's complicated
Species: Human/Gallifreyan/android
Canon: Doctor Who universe original character
Canon point: N/A, loosely based on the android copy of the Fifth Doctor in the serial 'The Caves of Androzani'
Played By: Peter Davison


James's body is unique, as it was essentially created by the Rift to reflect his mind. He has three personas - James himself is a mix of the three. The specific parts are Ambrose, the Fifth Doctor, and the post-Time War Master - and these can split into seperate bodies. This happens particularly when his personas are at odds with one another, even if this happens unconsciously for him. When split, they have seperate identities and motivations, but are nonetheless "linked" telepathically, in that they can sense each other's feelings and thoughts, and thus they rarely have actual conversations with each other. (When seperating, his other bodies will either have a duplicate of the original's clothing, or what that body was wearing the last time they merged.)

His default body is a mix of human, Gallifreyan and android; compared to a human he has a much longer lifespan and ages more slowly, he's far more resilient, he has more strength and endurance, he needs less sleep and food, and his senses are generally superior. However, he only has one heart. Whether or not he can regenerate remains to be seen. He has some traces of telepathic abilities and time-sensitivity. It's doubtful that he can reproduce, at least not naturally/sexually. He's also heavier than most because his bones contain some metal.

Another thing he has from his android body is technopathy. He can communicate "telepathically" with electronics, particularly computers, though he needs to be in close physical proximity, preferably touching. (He doesn't need to look at his smartphone to know what it says.) To some extent he can pick up signals and transmissions with his mind. He's also retained his heat vision from his android body, allowing him to see in complete darkness. His thoughts and memories are organised very differently than most people, making him somewhat difficult and almost code-like to understand when communicating telepathically, or having his mind read. He's also far more capable of blocking off his emotions if necessary.

When seperated, his human/android body of Ambrose is somewhat different from the bodies of the Doctor and the Master. Only Ambrose has the android-specific abilities. The Master/Doctor bodies however have stronger telepathic abilties and time-senses, and their minds are also less robotic and code-like. They're still not fully gallifreyan bodies, however.

James has a youthful and boyish appearance more or less identical to that of the Fifth Doctor, seeming to be somewhere in his late twenties, tall and lean. He's usually cleanly shaved, and has floppy, straight blonde hair, and blue eyes. The rest of his appearance depends on who he is at the moment. Someone who knows him well can usually tell the difference, despite them being physically identical. When merged, he has a relaxed or mild demeanour, and holds himself fairly confidently, and has aspects of all of his personas. While restrained and respectful, he is not at all shy, and has next to no body shame. He smiles easily and generally seems friendly and approachable, though sometimes his calculating manner shines through. He usually wears soft, comfortable, practical clothes in earthy tones. Shirts, slacks, jumpers, cardigans, vests, suits, etc.

Ambrose is very similar to his merged self, though his demeanour is much more, well, robotic. His movements are precise and motivated, he has no nervous tics or unconscious behavior, and is very difficult to rattle or unbalance, and his reflexes are excellent. His behavior always serves a speicific purpose, and it's rare that he acts on impulse or simply for show. He comes off as much more guarded and unaffected. His speech is even and he almost never raises his voice. His dress sense includes practicality only.

The Doctor, however, has a slightly nervous energy and friendly charm. He comes off as much more sensitive and vulnerable, and rather reserved. He also acts older than he looks, a bit like an old man in a young body, but often combined with a childish huff, often combined with sarcasm when he's annoyed. His voice often goes squeaky when he shouts, and he has a tendency to put his hands in his pockets. Clothing-wise, he favours a Edwardian cricketer's uniform, a cream-coloured frock coat, striped trousers, plimsoll shoes, and occasionally a pair of spectacles and a panama hat. He specifically has to recreate this though, but it's what he feels most at home in.

The Master behaves in a much more extroverted, extravagant manner. He's quirky, hyperactive, gleeful, wildly confident, theatrical, and usually quite intimidating. He's extremely expressive, often having a problem hiding his emotions or controlling his impulses, and often lashes out. However, when calm, he appears very ambiguous. He prefers dapper, stylish clothing, usually dark and well-cut suits.

James has a very complicated personality, often quite self-contradictory because of his unusual and rapid evolution as a person. He is analytical, intelligent, straight-forward, pragmatic, patient, mature, and has his own particular brand of naivety. However, because of his determination to be more than just a machine, he is also an extremely kind, caring, protective, and generous person. He can sometimes be a bit too controlling and manipulative, but always for people's own good.

It's very important to him to be liked. He sometimes has a tendency to repress or ignore his own emotional needs for the sake of others, and he also places very little value on himself. This is not necessarily linked to his insecurity on whether he's valued by others - he simply doesn't consider himself very important. This is also why he can be so forgiving - a transgression against him doesn't seem like that much of a transgression. If someone is cruel to his friends, however, he's much less forgiving. His main sore spot is when people he likes are amused by his (former) android body, which is one of the few things he gets upset by. His sense of humour is usually a teasing snarkiness, though he's careful not to offend people who don't know him very well. If anyone should ever be hurt by his teasing, he is quick to reassure.

He feels things quite keenly, though he doesn't always show it. Those he loves and trusts, however, he does so very strongly, and there's only a few who truly knows him. However, his intuition is surprisingly strong when it comes to people, so if he likes someone, he can be very open and forthcoming, and not shy about pointing out people's strengths. This is particularly helped by having very little embarrassment. If he is embarrassed, it's usually more to do with his feelings and insecurity regarding whether he's liked or not.

He also lacks some cultural understanding; gender and sexual orientation, conventionality, body shame, "proper" behaviour, and many of the little quirks of humans are things that can from time to time baffle him. He's spent enough time on Earth to be familiar with most of them by now though, and how to avoid embarrassing others, even if he doesn't find it embarrassing himself. He doesn't have a very strong gender identity, though he presents as male. He's asexual (or maybe demi-sexual), but a perhaps somewhat atypical one. He isn't generally sexually attracted to people, but a sexual act is an act like any other to him, and thus has no conflicted feelings regarding it. He'll also suddenly find himself with a libido in his new body, and a more acute appreciation of kink. As he prefers to share his enjoyment and also please others, he is very positive towards having sex. Seeing as he is currently in a relationship however, and has picked up enough to know relationships are exclusive unless otherwise specified, he does have the self-control to keep it in his pants, even if it's new to him.

He likes adventure and excitement, but he is also perfectly happy being settled down. He rarely ever gets bored, so as long as he's not lonely, he's happy wherever he is. Fame and glory do not really appeal to him - he thinks it's more like to distance him from other people rather than let him connect. He's not particularly ambitious, and prefers to live in the now, and could perhaps even be described as a bit of a hedonist. He's extremely adaptable to new surroundings and situations, and takes things as they come.

Some may mistake his forgiving nature and lack of ambition for weakness, but they would be very wrong. It takes an awful lot for him to be scared, and even then it's for others' safety rather than his own. He is not afraid to fight, though he will always do his utmost to avoid anyone's death. He does have a deeply buried cruel streak that may sometime resurface if he's tempted with revenge. Only people who intentionally hurt him or his friends will ever see this trait, though.

In his Ambrose form, he is not a very complex individual, and can seem a bit simple and naive. While intelligent, he's not particularly smart. His sense of self is much more limited, and he more or less lives to serve. His traits mostly mirror his usual ones, but with many of the complications and contraditions stripped away. His friendship is sort of one-way. He's kind and supportive, but doesn't request support. He's always interested, but not the most interesting person. A great listener, but a terrible source of entertainment. He doesn't challenge people and his behavior doesn't really encourage improvement.

In his Doctor and Master forms, he is like the originals but with most of the memories stripped away. They retain most of their familiarity with people or places they've known, but it usually manifests as a general feeling rather than tied to specific memories. Sometimes memories will bleed through, random events or facts or feelings, but it's a bit unpredictable.

The Doctor is adventurous and brave, and can be both a compassionate benefactor or a great warrior. In his fifth incarnation, which James has his personality from, he's more open and vulnerable than usual. He's neither selfish nor pretentious, and treats his comparions as friends rather than subordinates. He's generally agreeable and diplomatic. He can however be rather petulant and childish when in a bad mood or frustrated. He's not a great leader, reacting to situations rather than starting them, and can often be quite indecisive under pressure. He's become more relaxed and controlled over time though, and developed a bit of a sarcastic side.

The Master is the darkest side of James. Petty, cruel, ambitious, and devoid of morals. He has a keen intellect and a thirst for knowledge and power. He's theatrical and flamboyant, with a strong sense of fun. He is not as evil and destructive as most people usually know him, though. In this body, without his memories, he is disconnected from both the sound of drums in his mind, and from his need to conquer and destroy. What remains is his desire to learn, and to be entertained. It's easier for him to form connections, but he is still a very guarded person. He values intelligence and strength, and will usually be very dismissive of those he doesn't deem worthy of his time. He can still be spiteful, rude, and generally unlikable, not to mention lacking in the morals department, but he can also be kind and friendly, without there necessarily being an end goal in mind.

Both the Master and the Doctor are fairly dismissive of Ambrose, and have very complicated emotions when comes to each other: competitiveness, distrust, affection, admiration, and a good mix of hate and love. Ambrose feels threatened by the other two, and does his best to keep them in check. He is the only part who will willingly merge, and usually the one to initiate it.

James was first created on the planet of Androzani Minor, as an android duplicate to be executed in the Doctor's place. He later restored his systems, repaired the android copy of the Doctor's friend Peri, and together they acquired a spaceship, setting off into the universe. Originally, his personality and memories were more or less a direct (though incomplete) copy of the Doctor's, with emotions and morality programmed in shortly after. He struggled for a long while with his android existence, as well as him being a copy intended to be thrown away once his purpose had been served.

It took James and Peribot a very long time of traveling before they met, by completely coincidence, the Time Lord Damon, who provided them with a Time Ring (basically a time-travel bracelet). They were thus able to return to 20th century Earth, and Peribot stayed behind, replacing the real Peri, while James decided to continue traveling. Shortly after, he met Andrew (also known as Handy or 10.5, the metacrisis Doctor), who agreed without hesitation to travel with him, as he had been stuck on Earth. They went to quite a few times and places together, but their meeting and this time together was eventually erased from history, though they eventually regained their memories of this time.

Things changed abruptly when Time Scoops started picking them up from their respective times and places and dropping them in various locations, along with other people associated with the Doctor. James gained many friends through these meetings, becoming a bit happier with his lot, and got to know Andrew a second time. He also gained a few enemies, which led to the Master (who was in the middle of the Year That Never Was) kidnapping and reprogramming him for his own purposes. He was installed with the Master's personality and memories, though with no free will of his own. He met several of his friends during this time, but almost none of them suspected what had happened, not even Andrew, who was busy being hurt about James's sudden hostility towards him.

No one came for him, but he was eventually rescued and restored by the sixth Doctor, who was there rescuing someone else and discovered what had happened to James. Most of his memories from both the Time Lords were lost, though both personalities remained, but neither dominant. What person he was going to be from then on was up to himself, now that he was neither the Doctor nor the Master completely, and he started properly developing the personality of James, settling down on Earth with Andrew. He struggled with feelings of unimportance, that no one seemed to have missed him while he was gone. In many ways, he built his personality to fit Andrew, and to best be able to protect, take care of, and be a friend to him and others, rather than figure out what he himself wanted. This was also a penance for the damage he had caused during his time as the Master.

For half a year, he lived on Earth, working at a homeless shelter in London, making friends and building a life. His new self was much more content with staying put in one place, mostly because he felt he needed stability in his life. He and Andrew grew much closer, with James cooking and cleaning for him, them adopting three dogs, having movie nights, and attending the Time Scoop gatherings together. In time their feelings grew beyond platonic, though it took them a lot of time to admit this. Indeed, James's inability to differentiate between platonic and romantic feelings caused him to not even realise, though he often felt a desire to behave in such a way as he was told was for romantic partners only, not roommates, even if they both admitted that they cared deeply about one another and were best friends. Seeing as James could not at this point feel physical pleasure or arousal, Andrew dismissed any thoughts of romance, as he believed James could not possibly enjoy it, and James didn't press the issue.

It was not until James - temporarily occupying a human body, with all the senses that came with, and wanting to experience it properly - had sex with a previous incarnation of the Master, and Andrew reacted with angry jealousy, that things become a little clearer. Soon after, James kissed Andrew, they talked, and their relationship turned openly romantic and even sexual. James usually put on a front for most people, but with Andrew he allowed himself to show his vulnerability, to be honest and let his emotional needs be known, and Andrew did his best to fulfill them. They discussed getting a spaceship and setting out on travels together, and started making plans. However, they didn't get to enjoy it for very long, as merely a week later a rip in space and time appeared close to their home. Setting out to fix what was wrong, Andrew had to watch helplessly as James sacrified himself and was thrown into the portal, just as they had found happiness together.

In the following time, there existed two versions of James. He had kept a backup of his entire programming at home, stored in a computer in case something should happen to his body, or someone tried to reprogram or delete him. When activated, this computer had the same personality, memories, feelings and thoughts as James had when he last updated his programming, which was shortly before the events that brought their romantic feelings out into the open. It took Andrew several weeks to actually turn this computer on, as he didn't want to admit the "proper" James was gone. It was not easy, for either with them, dealing with the fact James was now stuck in a box. James didn't cope well with not being able to take care of Andrew, who had taken the loss of James very hard, and of not being able to talk to his friends (who now believed he was dead), or see the dogs. However, they continued planning to leave the Earth, deciding that it would be much easier to find James a new body somewhere else.

Meanwhile, the other version of James one who fell through the portal, ended up in a different time and place. Initially he arrived at a war-torn planet called Cygnus Prime, about a thousand years into the future. By the time his systems were restored enough for him to regain consciousness, the portal had closed and he was stuck. He eventually acquired passage to a space station, and set off to find a way home to Andrew's time. Being part Doctor, he managed to get himself into quite a few scrapes, often while he was trying to help people he met. He eventually got hold of a spaceship, and on the way he found an institution for androids, where he was able to gain several upgrades to both his programming and his body before he moved on. Finally he found someone capable of sending both him and the spaceship back in time, and he arrived a months before he had been forced to leave the Earth. He still had to travel the distance to the Earth, which took him three months. Since their last meeting, it had been two months for Andrew, but six months for James.

They had a rather emotional reunion, and James assimilated the version of him stuck in the computer. As soon as they had their affairs in order, they set off, with dogs and everything, in the spaceship. It took a while for them to adjust to life on a spaceship, with only each other for company most of the while, but they managed. Their romantic relationship had become pretty established at that point, and they've travelled for a few months, visiting a couple planets.

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I apologise for James being stupidly complicated.

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